Yehlans Planescape Campaign

Sigil city of doors

Where are we?

The group individually end up in sigil and are quickly met by a man named Darius who hires them to find a set of ancient armour for his college to study. Going through a portal in a broken down house they end up in the crypts of the mortuary where they encounter many undead including a friendly wisp who helps them into the locked chamber of a long dead king. Talking to the king they realize though dead he has retained his intelligence though something has twisted his mind and even competes with it for control. Forced to fight the king they defeat him and find only a single piece of the armour, a set of bracers the king was wearing. They head back to sigil giving Darius the bracers and ready themselves for the next day when they will venture the portal again in hopes of finding the rest of the armour.



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